WPX Hosting Review: The #1 WordPress Hosting For Bloggers In 2019

If you are searching for #1 web hosting for your blog to make it run faster and perform better than other blogs. Here we have done the detailed review of WPX hosting, listed all the pros and cons of it and described the features in details. So let’s start the review.

What is WPX Hosting?

WPX hosting is a #1 WordPress hosting service provider for bloggers. The features and high-quality services make the WPX hosting #1 web hosting in the market. It is advance web hosting which will increase your blog performance and will make all your work easy so you can fully focus on the blog development.

Why Use WPX Hosting For WordPress Blogs?

Creating a blog and start writing on it is not enough for the blog to be successful. There are many things to see before creating a blog. the blog should be hosted on the best web hosting so the blog will perform best.

The problem with the cheap web hosting is that the servers which they provide are very low quality and slow which will make your blog run slower and frequently the blog will be down due to the servers problem and this will increase your work to keep an eye on the blog whether it is online or not. The other problem is that it will find difficulty in appearing in Google’s search results no matter how hard you try to rank. The blog load time will be more which is a very bad user experience.

On the other hand if you are using a best WordPress hosting which has fast servers, they will make your blog load in 1 second which is the required speed to provide the best user experience to the traffic and they will be impressed with the blogs speed and performance and the chances of returning of any user increases. With the WPX web hosting your blog’s speed and performance will increase and you will not have to keep eye on your blog to see if it is online or not.

Now here the issues comes in. If you’re searching for cheap hosting then WPX Hosting isn’t for you but if you’re looking for cheap but WordPress Managed Hosting then Yes, WPX Hosting is the best solution for you. We have also found the best WPX Hosting Coupon 2019 that you can use to get massive discount on all the available WPX Hosting plans.

Who Can Use WPX Hosting?

WPX hosting can be used for hosting any type of blogs and websites, be it a business website, e-commerce, and simple website. WPX can handle all the traffic of your blog very easily so that the blog will not go down due the excess traffic. It is designed to provide the best services according to the blogs or websites requirement.

A new blogger who wants to start from scratch can use WPX hosting as well as a professional blogger can use it for all its blogs and websites because it is recommended by many people from the market and they have shared positive experience of their experience with the WPX hosting service.

Now that we have cleared our vision on the best web hosting, its time to know more about the WPX hosting and its features.

WPX Hosting Best Features For WordPress Blogs

1. 1-Click WordPress Installation

Everyone is not a tech geek so they find it difficult to set up and install things. So to make it easy WPX hosting has the 1-click WordPress installation button which will install the WordPress in the click of 1 button so you don’t have to manually set up in the hosting. This makes it very easy to start the blogging journey without sticking in the start.

2. 99.95% Up-time

WPX hosting offers 99.95% uptime for your blog which means there is a 0.5% chance of going your blog or website down. They have given the guarantee to keep your blog alive all the time so that your users can reach your blog anytime they want.

3. Daily Automatic Backup

Doing daily backups of your blog will make it secure from any kind of data loss. You can be able to easily retrieve your data from the backup after going under any attack. WPX hosting offers daily automatic backup of your blog’s data which will be stored for 28 days in the servers.

4. Advance High-Speed Servers

As mentioned earlier WPX hosting offers the best and high-performance servers on which your blog is going to run. With the help of high-speed servers, your blog will perform blazing fast and the user will be amazed at the blogs speed and performance.

5.Unlimited Website Migration

In another web hosting you will be charged for doing the migration of website from one server to other but in WPX hosting you don’t have to pay anything for doing site migration. You just have to contact the tech team of WPX hosting and they will handle the rest.

6. Unlimited SSL Certificates

The best about WPX hosting is its services and offers which will help you in saving some money on the paid services like SSL certificate. In it, you will get unlimited SSL certificate which you can use to make user trust on your blog and website.

7. Super Responsive Support

The support team of WPX hosting is all time available for you to solve any kind of problem you will face during installation or in the services. The support team is so responsive that you will get a reply in just a few minutes and they will try their best to solve the problem anytime anywhere.

8. DDoS Protection

The servers have DDoS protection which will keep you safe from any data hacks so you can safely work on your blog instead of worrying about the hack.

Pros and cons of WPX hosting


  • Affordable web hosting service with premium service
  • Lighting speed faster performance
  • High-quality servers for better traffic handling and increases blog performance
  • Protection from hackers with the DDoS protection
  • Automatic daily backups
  • Free SSL certificate


  • No free domain
  • Don’t have a plan for single web hosting

Last words on WPX hosting

WPX hosting is the award-winning web hosting which I have been using for many years apart from the lack of single hosting package there is no other problem in the web hosting. If you like to purchase web hosting for multiple

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