Cloudways Promo Codes: Use Our Coupon To Grab $20 In Credit

Creating a blog is very simple nowadays. all you need is a  domain address and a web hosting.  sounds simple but then why many people drop the idea of starting a blog. the answer is the cost of blog setup.

In the beginning people thing, they can start a blog at a very low cost like they will buy use free domain which is not scalable at all and other is cheap web hosting. these are the common mistakes beginners do while starting the blog.

Let me tell you that these things will take you nowhere. If you will see tutorials of professional bloggers they always say to go for the only best product. it is because when the service or product will be good then only your blog can take the full benefits of the services and starts to grow.

So, what I am trying to say that many people drop the idea of starting their own blog just by knowing how costly the premium services are. Before you end up too let me tell you that there is a method from which you can get some discount on the premium web hosting like Cloudways by using a promo code.

What Is A Promo Code?

A promo code is a promotional code which is given by a company or individual who is promoting a product which you want to buy. With this promo code, you can get amazing discounts and also get some credits at the time of purchase.

Using a promo code will save you a lot of money and you will get an amazing deal at the cheap price. so, everyone can now start their own blog without thinking about the expenses.

How To Use A Promo Code?

You might be thinking about how to use a promo code and get a discount or credits. The process is very simple you have to search for any website or blog who is providing a promo code for the product you want to buy.

Promo code would be a combination of alphabets and numbers which can be used at the time of purchase so you will get that product in a discounted price or you will get some credit in your account.

Now, from the title, it is obvious that in this article I am going to give the promo code of Cloudways which is a web hosting company. Yes, I will give you a promo code and by using it for purchasing the Cloudways hosting plan you will get 20$ credit.

But first, it would be best to know more details about the product because some of you must be fully aware of it and some are not. So, let’s get deep down into Cloudways and its promo code.


Cloudways is a premium web hosting provider which provides SSD based drives and with these drives, the blog performance and speed will be increased up to 3 times normal speed. It is one of the most trusted web hosting providers and also it provides amazing free services with the purchase of any of its plan.

In Cloudways, you are getting CloudCND, absolutely free SSL certificate, zero cost site migration, dedicated firewalls, faster servers, extreme customer support, built-in cache plugin, and much more amazing stuff.

Cloudways Top Services

  1. 1TB Of Bandwidth

You can’t believe that you get about 1TB of bandwidth in the very basic plan of Cloudways hosting. in most of the web hosting plans you only get about 10-20GB bandwidth and that too with huge cost. But Cloudways is giving 1TB bandwidth which enough for handling approximately 100k of visitors on your blog. having this much bandwidth will reduce the risk of going down and you can focus on growing your business.

  1. 25GB Disk Space

Well, 25GB storage space is good for a small and medium level blog and if your blog requirements are more then there are other plans also which offers premium services with more limits.

  1. Load Time

If load time is your major concern then worry not because Cloudways has SSD drives which is 3 times faster then other drives. This drives will reduce the load time of your blog and increase its performance by 3 times.

There are a lot of services which you get in Cloudways hosting but mentioning it will increase the length of the article. So now lets come to the point.

  1. Free SSL

Cloudways also provides free SSL certificate in all their plans. An SSL certificate can be costly if you will buy from a registrar but Cloudways gives you the chance to save some money.

  1. Security

Cloudways also focus on its security by implementing various security services like dedicated firewalls which will filter all the malicious entry, two-factor authentication which is very useful to secure the server from intruders as you will have to enter the authentication code to enter the system.

Other than these services, Cloudways also have auto-healing servers which are awesome because they heal themselves whenever they go under attack so you don’t have to worry about it and you can focus on the business.

Cloudways Promo Code

I know you were waiting for a long time of this promo code to get that $20 credit. Great things come to those who wait.  Here is the exclusive discount Cloudways Promo Code [$20 Credit] and using it for buying any Cloudways plan will reward you with a $20 credit.

Promo code-  BOOSTMAG

Just copy the above promo code and enter it at the time of purchasing. After successfully applying this Cloudways promo code you will get 20$ credit.

Final Words On Cloudways Promo Code

Cloudways promo code gives you a chance to take benefits from it as you can use this 20$ credit on other services to grow your blog. however, it is a great deal to have, remember you will get this credit only when you will purchase the product through us using the promo code otherwise you will get nothing.

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