How to Increase Traffic & Get Discount on Social Warfare Pro?

Here I will tell you how you can increase the social traffic on your blog with the help of a simple WordPress plugin.

if your blog doesn’t get enough traffic then there might be some problem in your blog. it may have not optimized to attract the traffic. you will find many methods on the internet for increasing the social traffic but not most of them show the desired result but with this method, you will get amazing results.

Benefits of Social Traffic

The social traffic is not like organic traffic which is very hard to get. Social traffic can be driven to your blog with very simple steps. The benefits of social traffic are that your blog will get a good amount of traffic in less time and without spending too much money on the ads service. You can get it by just with a simple plugin.

The good thing about social traffic is that there are many sources of social traffic which are facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. You can easily reach a huge source of free traffic who are seeking for new content.

You just have to share the content of your blog on the social media platform and if anyone will like your content then they will go your blog. but sharing each content to buy your self on every platform can be very unmanageable and will require lots of efforts.

So here comes the social warfare plugin to provide the helping hand to you in getting more traffic. the social plugin will add the social sharing button to your post so that anyone can be able to share the content with their friends and families. It is an amazing method to get some social traffic it has shown positive results.

How Social Warfare Plugin Works?

The work of a simple plugin is very simple. when you have added the plugin to your WordPress blog. then it will give you options to add various social media platforms sharing button on the top or bottom of the blog post.

So whenever some user will read your blog content and if they have liked your content they would definitely share it with their acquaintances. This will drive them to see your post and if they too will like it then they will also share with their friends. This process will repeat it again and again. It will get your blog huge traffic if your content would be mind blowing as more the content will be good then higher the chances of getting it shared.

The Best Social Sharing Plugin For WordPress: Social Warfare

There is a lot of various WordPress plugin which offers you to add the social buttons but the problem with them is that they don’t show the desired result and even do nothing. They even can slow down your blog because of their bad coding. So it is very important to use only the best service so you can get the desired result and will not waste your time and money on the wrong plugin.

Social warfare is one of the recommended WordPress plugins & also you can take a look at its discount coupon here for getting good results as it has shown the best potential to drive social traffic with the help of its amazing features. social warfare is not like any other social plugin. It is specially designed for the WordPress blog only.

Social warfare is being used by many bloggers and SEO experts to boost social traffic and make people engage more with the blog. the plugin is very lightweight so that it will not affect the load time of your blog and also help you to improve the performance of your blog.

Now let us get deep in the social warfare plugin and know more about the features.

Social warfare has two versions, one is a free version and other is the pro version. There is no problem in using the free version. The only thing with the free version is that you can only use limited features of social warfare.

The free version is good for people who want to first try the plugin and if it shows positive result then they can confidently go for the pro version to unlock the advanced features and get more positive results.

Social Warfare Pro Benefits

Share count recovery

Ever feel angry about losing all the share count which you have gained by putting a lot of efforts and now you have to start again with the zero. Then these features will definitely help you. Social warfare can restore your share count which will get back your reputation.

Share visibility

Is can be little unprofessional if your blog only has 1 or zero share count which will have an impression on the traffic as you are a newbie. So to get rid of this situation social warfare gives you the option to show the share count only when you feel the share count is enough.

Floating button

Social warfare gives you wide range of customization and one of them is the floating button which will be stick to the screen so that user can always see the share buttons and don’t find it difficult to share. The button has proven that it encourages users to share the content more than the ordinary buttons.

Tweet button for twitter

Social warfare offers a tweet button on every quote from your blog so that people can quickly tweet it on their profile and will make your content go viral.

How to get discount coupons

The pro version is paid which might turn many to not buy it because of its price but now you can buy it without spending much money. you can use the Social Warfare Coupon to get the great discount deal from here.

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