How To Get Article Forge For $13/month Only? [Secret Deal]

Article Forge is one of the most useful tools that content writers will find out there. It can write articles for you out of nothing in a very short time. Article Forge’s pricing plans are affordable. We are going to tell you about a secret method that will give you Article Forge’s subscription at only $13 a month.

The pricing plans offered by Article forge normally cost up to $27 a month. These are reasonable prices but we are here to tell you a secret way to save even more money on Article Forge. Article Forge does offer random discounts here at’s Article Forge Coupons page that you can find in our coupon store, however, this one is the biggest one of them. You can reduce the price of article forge by more than half.

Article Forge Deal

First, we will tell you what Article Forge is and who should get it. If you own a website or do SEO, Article Forge can be a time and cost-saving machine for you. It generates a huge number of articles for anyone in a very short time. You can generate a 1500-word article using Article Forge in less than 60 seconds. Article Forge does not limit the number of words you can generate in a single article.

Now that you know what Article forge is. Get ready to find out how you can get the secret discount and get Article Forge at $13 a month instead of $27.

The Secret: Save $14/mo On Article Forge

If you go to Article Forge’s website, you will see two pricing plans. The first plan is their monthly plan while the other plan is a custom plan for businesses. The custom plan allows more than 1 user.

Article Forge 13 Per Month

Their normal plan starts at $27 a month. You get up to 25,000 words for a month at this price. You can increase the word limit to 100,000 words, however, the price will also jump to $57 per month. Now, we are going to tell you how you can get their basic 25,000-word plan at only $13 per month with a huge discount.

When you got their website, you will see two options on top of the pricing plans. One button will say monthly and the other says yearly. You have to select the yearly plan. Now, if you look at the price. It will be 13$ a month for the 25,000-word plan. And $27 a month for 100,000 words. For this Article Forge discount to work, you will have to go to their website using our exclusive discount link. You can also find additional discounts for Article Forge on our coupons website.

Article Forge Discount FAQs

We have answered some of the most popular FAQs about the Article Forge Discount.

Who Is Eligible For The Article Forge Discount?

Anyone who is a new customer of Article forge can benefit from their discounts. You have to go and select the yearly plan and then Sign Up for Article Forge. The yearly plan will automatically have a 51% discount.

How Much Do You Save Yearly Via Article Forge Discount?

If you get the Article Forge discount, you save up to 51% every year. That becomes a yearly saving of $168 in the total amount of $324. To be precise, you will pay $156 a year instead of $324. That’s a discount of more than half.

Step-by-step Guide To Article Forge Discount Redemption

Just follow the steps given below and you will save up to 51% on Article Forge every year.

  1. First, go to Article Forge’s website and its pricing menu.
  2. You will see all their pricing plans there.
  3. Toggle the button on top to the yearly plans.
  4. Then select your required word limit.
  5. The price will automatically have the Article Forge discount.
  6. Click on “Start My Free Trial“.
  7. Proceed to checkout after entering all your data.

An Overview Of Article Forge

You should know a lot about Article Forge by now. The features of Article Forge make it a reliable option for so many people out there. Its API access lets you integrate other SEO tools and much more into Article Forge. This way the content you create can be made much more valuable and easy to rank.

Article Forge

Article Forge takes your keyword and its algorithm which is pre-trained on a huge database to determine suitable content to write in the article. It also conducts research through its AI which ensures that you get the right content with great quality. You can write in multiple languages using Article Forge. The most popular integration with Article Forge is WordAi. It rewrites the content created with Article Forge into countless new and unique copies.

Article Forge offers two types of pricing plans. One is the custom plan for big corporations while the other plan has specific words for a specific monthly price. You can get Article Forge for as low as $13 a month with the Article Forge discount.

Article Forge Features

It is no wonder Article Forge has some of the best features among all the AI writing tools. Some of its key features are listed below:

    • It provides API access for the integration of external tools
    • It can write in several different languages
    • You can also create articles in bulk
    • Article Forge has the option to auto-publish your articles to your WordPress website
    • Article Forge also inserts images and videos in your articles

Article Forge Discount: Final Words

Article Forge is an AI writing tool that writes long-form articles within minutes. These articles are of great quality and centered around the keyword you provide. They have two pricing plans normally starting at $27 per month.

We provided a method that can give you an Article Forge discount. You can save up to 51% every year using that method. All you have to do is go to their website and choose to pay yearly for their monthly plans. Using this method you can get Article Forge at $13 a month instead of the regular price of $27.

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