How To Get Article Forge For $13/month Only? [Secret Deal]

Article Forge is one of the most useful tools that content writers will find out there. It can write articles for you out of nothing in a very short time. Article Forge’s pricing plans are affordable. We are going to tell you about a secret method that will give you Article Forge’s subscription at only $13 a month.

The pricing plans offered by Article forge normally cost up to $27 a month. These are reasonable prices but we are here to tell you a secret way to save even more money on Article Forge. Article Forge does offer random discounts here at’s Article Forge Coupons page that you can find in our coupon store, however, this one is the biggest one of them. You can reduce the price of article forge by more than half.

Article Forge Deal

First, we will tell you what Article Forge is and who should get it. If you own a website or do SEO, Article Forge can be a time and cost-saving machine for you. It generates a huge number of articles for anyone in a very short time. You can generate a 1500-word article using Article Forge in less than 60 seconds. Article Forge does not limit the number of words you can generate in a single article.

Now that you know what Article forge is. Get ready to find out how you can get the secret discount and get Article Forge at $13 a month instead of $27.

The Secret: Save $14/mo On Article Forge

If you go to Article Forge’s website, you will see two pricing plans. The first plan is their monthly plan while the other plan is a custom plan for businesses. The custom plan allows more than 1 user.

Article Forge 13 Per Month

Their normal plan starts at $27 a month. You get up to 25,000 words for a month at this price. You can increase the word limit to 100,000 words, however, the price will also jump to $57 per month. Now, we are going to tell you how you can get their basic 25,000-word plan at only $13 per month with a huge discount.

When you got their website, you will see two options on top of the pricing plans. One button will say monthly and the other says yearly. You have to select the yearly plan. Now, if you look at the price. It will be 13$ a month for the 25,000-word plan. And $27 a month for 100,000 words. For this Article Forge discount to work, you will have to go to their website using our exclusive discount link. You can also find additional discounts for Article Forge on our coupons website.

Article Forge Discount FAQs

We have answered some of the most popular FAQs about the Article Forge Discount.

Who Is Eligible For The Article Forge Discount?

Anyone who is a new customer of Article forge can benefit from their discounts. You have to go and select the yearly plan and then Sign Up for Article Forge. The yearly plan will automatically have a 51% discount.

How Much Do You Save Yearly Via Article Forge Discount?

If you get the Article Forge discount, you save up to 51% every year. That becomes a yearly saving of $168 in the total amount of $324. To be precise, you will pay $156 a year instead of $324. That’s a discount of more than half.

Step-by-step Guide To Article Forge Discount Redemption

Just follow the steps given below and you will save up to 51% on Article Forge every year.

  1. First, go to Article Forge’s website and its pricing menu.
  2. You will see all their pricing plans there.
  3. Toggle the button on top to the yearly plans.
  4. Then select your required word limit.
  5. The price will automatically have the Article Forge discount.
  6. Click on “Start My Free Trial“.
  7. Proceed to checkout after entering all your data.

An Overview Of Article Forge

You should know a lot about Article Forge by now. The features of Article Forge make it a reliable option for so many people out there. Its API access lets you integrate other SEO tools and much more into Article Forge. This way the content you create can be made much more valuable and easy to rank.

Article Forge

Article Forge takes your keyword and its algorithm which is pre-trained on a huge database to determine suitable content to write in the article. It also conducts research through its AI which ensures that you get the right content with great quality. You can write in multiple languages using Article Forge. The most popular integration with Article Forge is WordAi. It rewrites the content created with Article Forge into countless new and unique copies.

Article Forge offers two types of pricing plans. One is the custom plan for big corporations while the other plan has specific words for a specific monthly price. You can get Article Forge for as low as $13 a month with the Article Forge discount.

Article Forge Features

It is no wonder Article Forge has some of the best features among all the AI writing tools. Some of its key features are listed below:

    • It provides API access for the integration of external tools
    • It can write in several different languages
    • You can also create articles in bulk
    • Article Forge has the option to auto-publish your articles to your WordPress website
    • Article Forge also inserts images and videos in your articles

Article Forge Discount: Final Words

Article Forge is an AI writing tool that writes long-form articles within minutes. These articles are of great quality and centered around the keyword you provide. They have two pricing plans normally starting at $27 per month.

We provided a method that can give you an Article Forge discount. You can save up to 51% every year using that method. All you have to do is go to their website and choose to pay yearly for their monthly plans. Using this method you can get Article Forge at $13 a month instead of the regular price of $27.…

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How To Start Your Own WordPress Blog With WPX Hosting In 2023?

Bloggers use WordPress for starting their blogs. There are many best web hosting service providers, but I always recommend WPX Hosting for WordPress because It aims to provide you with fast performance.

WPX Hosting provides the feature of free site migration through which you can move your website from one host to another. Your website can be easily moved. Import and export is the feature through which you can store your data on your hosting.


It is fully compatible with WooCommerce sites too. If you’re willing to launch your e-commerce website, then you should go for WPX Hosting which is highly managed for WordPress. You’ll be accessed to all WooCommerce plugins and add-ons through which you can easily set up your products and services and their payment methods. You can sell your products easily and get paid online.

WPX Hosting allows you to add your unlimited data and your hosting or web server will not be slowed down at any condition.

Your data will be saved on a daily basis because of its daily backups feature and your data will be fully secured which means your data can’t be stolen, hacked, or cracked because It scans files and protects from harmful files and users.

WPX Hosting aims to provide outstanding customer service. You’ll get support 24/7. If you are facing any issue or problem you can ask them, WPX Hosting assists its users.

For a secure connection, you’ll be provided a free SSL certificate for your domain. It gives a good impact on the visitor and also the Google crawler.

DDOS attack protection is the best functionality of WPX Hosting which really protects your web hosting from login attacks.

WPX Hosting facilitates its user for continuous malware & hack scanning. Your web hosting will be optimized, and no matter how many visitors you’re getting at one time your server will not be down. WPX Hosting provides 99.99% uptime to its user.

WPX Hosting provides an SSD server that performs perfectly and your website never gets down. It provides a high-speed server to its users for better uploading and loading.

It’s a fact a visitor can’t survive on more than normal load time, but If you’ve purchased WPX Hosting, then you don’t need to be worried because It provides the best web server to its user.

Additional Feature of WPX Hosting For WordPress

  • Number of
  • WP websites
  • Monthly price
  • Trustpilot
  • PayPal payment
  • Unlimited site migrations
  • Incapsula Enterprise-level DDOS protection
  • Thrive Themes recommended
  • No Increase in plan renewal
  • Full backup manager
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • UK location option

WPX Hosting Pricing Plans

Business Plan:

In the business plan, you’ll get 5 website add-ons. If you are willing to run 5 websites on your web hosting, then you can buy a business plan because It allows you to host 5 websites. 10 GB of storage will be given to you which is enough for 5 websites. 100 GB bandwidth will be provided to you which is enough for even 100 thousand visitors. It will not let your website down. WPX CDN will be provided as well for just $20.83 on a yearly basis & If you are willing to get this package on monthly pricing, then this will be available for you at $24.99.

Professional Plan:

In the professional plan, you’ll get 15 website add-ons. If you are willing to run 15 websites on your web hosting, then you can buy a business plan because It allows you to host 15 websites. 20 GB of storage will be given to you which is enough for 15 websites. 200 GB bandwidth will be provided to you which is enough for even 200 thousand visitors. It will not let your website down. WPX CDN will be provided as well for just $41.58 on a yearly basis & If you are willing to get this package on monthly pricing, then this will be available for you at $49.99.

Elite Plan:

In the Elite plan, you’ll get 35 website add-ons. If you are willing to run 35 websites on your web hosting, then you can buy a business plan because It allows you to host 35 websites. 40 GB of storage will be given to you which is enough for 35 websites. Unlimited bandwidth will be provided to you which is enough for unlimited visitors. It will not let your website down. WPX CDN will be provided as well for just $83.25 on a yearly basis & If you are willing to get this package on monthly pricing, then this will be available for you at $99.00.


You’ll get high-speed for your websites, custom CDN, unlimited site migrations for import and export, unlimited SSL for the secure connection, 24/7 fast-response support for your assistance, staging area, email, manual backups, DDoS protection, malware scanning & removal.

PHP 7.X framework will be provided to you for custom website & coding. Moreover, you’ll be provided HTTPS/2, 30-day money-back, 28 days automatic backups for data storage, 99.95% Uptime Guarantee, and 1-Click WordPress Installations for WordPress management, USA + the UK Hosting locations for authority background. WPX Hosting provides 99.99% uptime to its user. DDOS attack protection protects your web from login attacks and hackers.

Unlimited WordPress themes and plugins will be auto-installed on your WordPress blog. There are many scripts provided by WPX Hosting through which you can make your own solutions and web applications. You can monetize that application to earn money online without any investment. You can make unlimited subdomains through which you can manage your multiple products and services.

FTP will be provided to you for the best file transfer experience.…

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Top 5 Best Web Hosting For WordPress Users In 2023

There are many web hosting services for WordPress which are providing WordPress managed web hosting with discount coupons.

It doesn’t mean that the web hosting with discounts isn’t right in functionalities because the coupon codes are officially released by specific web hosting companies for their clients so that they can purchase at a discount price.

Top 5 Best Web Hosting For WordPress Users (Updated 2023)

Today I’m going to tell you about the top five web hosting for WordPress;

WPX Hosting

Before I tell you about WPX Hosting, let me tell you one thing if you buy from their official website, your package will be expensive, but if you grab the WPX Hosting discount, then you’ll earn some discount.

WPX Hosting

You can download browser files from the file manager on server access. If you are going to host your website on WPX Hosting, then you’ll not be restricted to use any plugin. You can use any plugin. If you want to host multiple WordPress blogs, then you’ll be able to get multi-site support. Make your site connection secure with amazing SSL certificates. SSD storage is another fantastic thing that makes your website faster, and you’ll never lose any visitors due to a down server.

WPX aims to provide 99.99% uptime. Are you afraid of being attacked by hackers? You don’t need to be worried because WPX Hosting protects you from crackers and hackers; your files will be highly secured.

Customer service of WPX Hosting is appreciable. You’ll not face any issues because the usability of WPX is impressive and very easy so you can easily access to all features.

Multiple websites can be attached to your Cpanel. If you have one web hosting and you are willing to host more than one domain on your hosting, then you’re eligible to use it because It provides multiple add-ons to its users.


Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting companies, but It provides VPS, shared web hosting, and other plans at costly pricing as compared to WPX Hosting.

Bluehost is one of the most reliable web hosting services. It provides a free domain and free SSL at a 60% discount. It would be great if you get BlueHost deals at a very affordable price.

Free domain, SSL, and site migration are offered by them. BlueHost provides a custom WordPress installer through which you can efficiently manage your WordPress website, and you can build your website even if you don’t have technical knowledge. The most official reason behind the recommendation is that WordPress suggests its users use BlueHost.

There are three primary reasons because of why bloggers aren’t capable of purchasing; There isn’t any email support offered by them, and You can’t access them with live chat or with the phone. Monthly billing isn’t available, you have to purchase the yearly package, or if you want a discount, then you’ll be restricted to buying three years hosting plan.


HostGator is fantastic at its support functionality which is available 24/7 whenever you want to get in touch with them via email, live chat, or phone.

You’ll get amazing features like free tools, unlimited bandwidth, WordPress instant installer, PHP scripts, multiple add-ons, and much more.

If you have purchased the package, there is an issue or problem you don’t need to be worried because there is an option of 45-day money-back guarantee which is acceptable.

A free domain isn’t available with a hosting plan. SSD isn’t possible so, your shared hosting will not be able to bear much load. The usability of HostGator Cpanel isn’t good enough as compared to BlueHost and WPX Hosting.

InMotion Hosting

As you know old hard drives are spinning so, they aren’t able to give you high-speed performance, but SSD works excellently that is the reason InMotion Hosting deals with SSD only. No matter which plans you are willing to purchase, you’ll get SSD storage which will make your website super fast.

Your hosting data will be stored daily automatically. You don’t need to be backup manually. I think if we explore all web hosting services, no one is willing to give you 90 day money-back guarantee or a trial but InMotion Hosting provides 90 days trial so that you can deeply examine the features and functionality of InMotion Hosting.

There are some issues because which might you’ll not continue with InMotion; you’ll not be able to get the monthly package, and It only deals with SSD storage, so their pricing plans are highly expensive than other web hosting companies.


It is a web hosting and domain service, provider. iPage probably goes up to 2.60 seconds on its loading time. The server uptime of iPage is 99.98%.

Support of iPage service is acceptable because It is good enough. I’ll rate it 8/10.

iPage provides its customers with some fantastic tools like WordPress installer which is nowadays common, but if I talk about security tools, then iPage is one of the best. It gives the most secure connection for your website. No one can access your files.

No hidden charges are available; you’ll be able to create unlimited email addresses without paying any additional fees.

There is a limitation of Cpanel, yes! If you are willing to purchase a basic plan, you’ll not be able to get Cpanel. You can only build up to 6 pages, and more than six pages will cost you extra.

There is only one shared hosting plan available, and there isn’t any additional tool available. If you want extra tools for your web hosting Cpanel, then you’ll have to talk to their support team to access extra tools for your work.

Hope you found this post useful. Don’t forget to visit us for more upcoming awesome news and updates about web hosting.…

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WPX Hosting Review 2022 ⇒ Expert Review + 60% Instant Discount!

We have done a comprehensive review of WPX Hosting for your blog to help you choose the best web hosting service for your blog. So let’s start the review, and then at the end, you’ll find an exclusive WPX Hosting Discount that will let you to save some money.

Why Everyone Out there Love WPX Hosting?

With the high quality services and advanced features, WPX hosting is the best WordPress hosting provider. Its advanced web hosting will increase your blog’s performance and make all your work easy so you can focus on blog development.

WPX Hosting

Why Use WPX For Hosting WordPress Blogs?

Creating a blog and start writing on it is not enough for the blog to be successful. There are many things to see before creating a blog. the blog should be hosted on the best web hosting so the blog will perform best.

The problem with the cheap web hosting is that the servers which they provide are very low quality and slow which will make your blog run slower and frequently the blog will be down or will be lagging due to the servers problem and this will increase your work to keep an eye on the blog whether it is online or not. The other problem is that it will find difficulty in appearing in Google’s search results no matter how hard you try to rank. The blog load time will be more which is a very bad user experience.

On the other hand if you are using a best WordPress hosting which has fast servers, they will make your blog load in 1 second which is the required speed to provide the best user experience to the traffic and they will be impressed with the blogs speed and performance and the chances of returning of any user increases. With the WPX web hosting your blog’s speed and performance will increase and you will not have to keep eye on your blog to see if it is online or not.

WPX Hosting doesn’t do cheap hosting but it does give WordPress Managed hosting plans. Utilising our WPX Hosting Coupon will give you a massive 60% discount on all the WPX Hosting plans. So you should try to use these codes and save money.

Who Can Use WPX Hosting?

WPX hosting can be used for hosting any type of blogs and websites, be it a business website, e-commerce, and simple website. WPX can handle all the traffic of your blog very easily so that the blog will not go down due the excess traffic. It is designed to provide the best services according to the blogs or websites requirement.

A new blogger who wants to start from scratch can use WPX hosting as well as a professional blogger can use it for all its blogs and websites because it is recommended by many people from the market and they have shared positive experience of their experience with the WPX hosting service.

Now that we have cleared our vision on the best web hosting, its time to know more about the WPX hosting and its features and you can further read about their offers here.

WPX Hosting Features

1. 1-Click WordPress Installation

Everyone is not a tech geek so they find it difficult to set up and install things. So to make it easy WPX hosting has the 1-click WordPress installation button which will install the WordPress in the click of 1 button so you don’t have to manually set up in the hosting. This makes it very easy to start the blogging journey without sticking in the start.

2. Up To 99.95% Up-time

WPX hosting offers 99.95% uptime for your blog which means there is a 0.5% chance of going your blog or website down. They have given the guarantee to keep your blog alive all the time so that your users can reach your blog anytime they want.

3. Daily Automatic Backup Of Site

Doing daily backups of your blog will make it secure from any kind of data loss. You can be able to easily retrieve your data from the backup after going under any attack. WPX hosting offers daily automatic backup of your blog’s data which will be stored for 28 days in the servers.

4. Advance High-Speed Servers

As mentioned earlier WPX hosting offers the best and high-performance servers on which your blog is going to run. With the help of high-speed servers, your blog will perform blazing fast and the user will be amazed at the blogs speed and performance.

5.Unlimited Website Migrations

In another web hosting you will be charged for doing the migration of website from one server to other but in WPX hosting you don’t have to pay anything for doing site migration. You just have to contact the tech team of WPX hosting and they will handle the rest.

6. Unlimited SSL Certificates For Unlimited Domains

The best about WPX hosting is its services and offers which will help you in saving some money on the paid services like SSL certificate. In it, you will get unlimited SSL certificate which you can use to make user trust on your blog and website.

7. Super Responsive Support

The support team of WPX hosting is all time available for you to solve any kind of problem you will face during installation or in the services. The support team is so responsive that you will get a reply in just a few minutes and they will try their best to solve the problem anytime anywhere.

8. DDoS Protection

The servers have DDoS protection which will keep you safe from any data hacks so you can safely work on your blog instead of worrying about the hack.

Pros and Cons of WPX hosting


  • Affordable web hosting service with premium service
  • Lighting speed faster performance
  • High-quality servers for better traffic handling and increases blog performance
  • Protection from hackers with the DDoS protection
  • Automatic daily backups
  • Free SSL certificate


  • No free domain
  • Don’t have a plan for single web hosting

WPX Hosting Pricing

What makes WPX Hosting services so great is that they help customers to grow targeted traffic and make their website more visible. However, how does a company choose which WPX Hosting packages are best for their needs? Basically, the pricing structure for each WPX Hosting plan must be analysed, and then the right one is determined. This will ensure that visitors of your website are able to achieve maximum success and their maximum return on investment.

Before you start choosing the WPX Hosting Plan, you have to determine the services that are being offered by the Hosting Company. Some companies offer a wide variety of affordable services for a lower price. This may allow you to easily add on the necessary service without sacrificing too much of your budget.

WPX Hosting Pricing

Some other companies offer a variety of services but charge higher rates. If you cannot afford to pay for these high-priced services, this will not be a good option for you. If you can afford to pay a little more, you should be able to buy some additional services with the additional WPX Hosting service that you purchased.

The next thing that you need to do is to determine the number of services that you would like to have. When you have this information, you will be able to choose the services that you would like to have. Once you have the number of services that you want, you will be able to create a very thorough list of them.

Final Words

WPX hosting is the award-winning web hosting which I have been using for many years apart from the lack of single hosting package there is no other problem in the web hosting. If you like to purchase web hosting for multiple sites, I’d recommend you WPX Hosting.…

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FastComet vs WPX Hosting: Which Web Host Is Better?

Finding reliable, affordable, and speedy web hosting has been always the most difficult part for bloggers. As it plays a very crucial role in the overall success of the blog and website. So today we are going to see a battle between FastComet and WPX Hosting.

Let’s begin with a quick introduction to the benefits of spending money on good web hosting and what not to do if you are a beginner?

Why Web Hosting is so Important?

Web hosting is just like our personal computer or laptop. Just like we choose our laptop based on the speed of the processors, be it i3,i5, or i7, and the storage space. We choose the fastest processors and storage because it will run the applications and heavy games very smoothly and we get a good experience while working on it.

So there is not much difference between our laptop and servers. you can say servers are the bigger CPUs that have processors, storage so our website can run on it smoothly and very fast.

As there are millions of people who are surfing websites every second. That is why the system should be powerful enough to compete in the market for getting users to your website or blog.

If your website will not run smoothly and will go down frequently then there will no users who will visit your website. That is why good web hosting is very important in the success of the blog and website.

Now, you will get confused to see that there are thousands of different web hosting available on the internet. if you are beginners then it will be a huge trauma to deal with. But worry not because we are here to help you out from this confusion.

Today we are considering only FastComet and WPX Hosting for our comparison. You can find many hosting on the internet but you will not have any idea about their services and performance. So it is better to go on the expert route instead of creating your own and wasting your valuable time.

Now that we have got a clear understanding of why we are going for good web hosting. It’s time to see the top performers in the market.

FastComet vs WPX Hosting 2022

FastComet vs WPX Hosting

FastComet Hosting

FastComet is a wonderful web hosting provider in the market. They are very popular for their amazing affordable yet powerful services. FastComet comes in different packages that have different features and pricing.

So the user can choose whatever plan fits their website needs. They offer many free addons with the hosting plan for new users. So that the beginners don’t have to spend huge money on the setup.

With FastComet anyone can host their website or projects without having a huge spend budget when you happen to use the FastComet Coupon Code. Their lowest plan starts with 2.95$/month. So there is not much to worry about the monthly spend on the FastComet.

you will feel like you are not paying anything, instead, you are getting free addons which are worth more than the plan price.

FastComet popular features

  • Free domain transfer
  • Free site migration
  • Free SSL
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Powerful admin panel
  • 300+ free application
  • Softaculous 1-click installer
  • Dail and weekly backups
  • Unlimited business emails
  • Unlimited storage space
  • SEO booster
  • 24/7 support team available all over the world

FastComet doesn’t ask you for any commitment until you get fully satisfied with the services and results. They have 45 days money-back guarantee policy. So you are allowed to cancel the service within this 45 days to get all your money refund and walk away.

WPX Hosting

Many of the bloggers have heard of WPX hosting and knows how popular and powerful it is. There is no doubt they have won many awards for their performance and speed.

They have got tons of reviews from all over the world. So there is no doubt about the bad service here. WPX Hosting is the best hosting solution for those who seek heavy duty servers and super fast speed.

WPX Hosting is best for bloggers or business owners who own multiple websites and don’t want to manage 5 different website logins. It is very tiring and annoying as well. Because you only have to focus on the work and not on the usernames and password.

So here comes WPX Hosting to save you. They offer an amazing feature that lets you host multiple websites in a single plan. You can minimum host up to 5 websites in a single plan and at a maximum of 35 websites.

You can see how powerful it is and the services you will get with this plan are mind blowing. They provide free addon worth hundred dollars like WordPress SEO optimized, speed booster, CDN service for fast access, and management.

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WPX Hosting is managed to host so you don’t have to worry about what is going under the hood. You only have to focus on website performance and content. The rest of the things will be managed by their team and they will help you anytime anywhere you will get stuck.

they have 24/7 service teams who are very understandable and experts in their work. So you don’t have to take stress about the website.

WPX Hosting plan comes with different server locations so that anyone who wants to run their website in a specific region then they can easily do it. It is a good way to manage website traffic and get more traffic from where you are getting popular.

WPX Hosting popular features

  • 99.99% uptime
  • High-Speed CDN
  • Unlimited site migration
  • Unlimited SSL
  • DDoS protection
  • Multiple site hosting
  • Multiple server locations
  • Malware scanning and removal
  • 24/7 support team
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Conclusion on FastComet vs WPX Hosting

After using both web hosting is very hard to decide which is the best. You cant find the same web hosting features in every hosting. so you have to first analyze your website requirements and then pick the features you want on your hosting.

Here we can see that WPX Hosting offers more features but their lowest plan price is 20.83$ which bit more for beginners or students who want to do blogging.

So that doesn’t mean that WPX Hosting is not good. It is that they both have their special benefits. I will recommend you to first decide your website requirements then it will be more clear for you to choose one.

If you are a complete beginner then FastComet is the best option to choose as it is very much affordable for newbies while WPX Hosting is for intermediate websites. But in WPX Hosting you can host multiple websites that are not there in FastComet.

So think about that and decide what you want for your website. It not that you will have to make any commitment to them. They both offer a money-back guarantee so you don’t have to stick to them forcefully. You can simply test your website on them and then you will have a clear idea about web hosting.…

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How to Increase Traffic & Get Discount on Social Warfare Pro?

Here I will tell you how you can increase the social traffic on your blog with the help of a simple WordPress plugin.

if your blog doesn’t get enough traffic then there might be some problem in your blog. it may have not optimized to attract the traffic. you will find many methods on the internet for increasing the social traffic but not most of them show the desired result but with this method, you will get amazing results.

Benefits of Social Traffic

The social traffic is not like organic traffic which is very hard to get. Social traffic can be driven to your blog with very simple steps. The benefits of social traffic are that your blog will get a good amount of traffic in less time and without spending too much money on the ads service. You can get it by just with a simple plugin.

The good thing about social traffic is that there are many sources of social traffic which are facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. You can easily reach a huge source of free traffic who are seeking for new content.

You just have to share the content of your blog on the social media platform and if anyone will like your content then they will go your blog. but sharing each content to buy your self on every platform can be very unmanageable and will require lots of efforts.

So here comes the social warfare plugin to provide the helping hand to you in getting more traffic. the social plugin will add the social sharing button to your post so that anyone can be able to share the content with their friends and families. It is an amazing method to get some social traffic it has shown positive results.

How Social Warfare Plugin Works?

The work of a simple plugin is very simple. when you have added the plugin to your WordPress blog. then it will give you options to add various social media platforms sharing button on the top or bottom of the blog post.

So whenever some user will read your blog content and if they have liked your content they would definitely share it with their acquaintances. This will drive them to see your post and if they too will like it then they will also share with their friends. This process will repeat it again and again. It will get your blog huge traffic if your content would be mind blowing as more the content will be good then higher the chances of getting it shared.

The Best Social Sharing Plugin For WordPress: Social Warfare

There is a lot of various WordPress plugin which offers you to add the social buttons but the problem with them is that they don’t show the desired result and even do nothing. They even can slow down your blog because of their bad coding. So it is very important to use only the best service so you can get the desired result and will not waste your time and money on the wrong plugin.

Social warfare is one of the recommended WordPress plugins & also you can take a look at its discount coupon here for getting good results as it has shown the best potential to drive social traffic with the help of its amazing features. social warfare is not like any other social plugin. It is specially designed for the WordPress blog only.

Social warfare is being used by many bloggers and SEO experts to boost social traffic and make people engage more with the blog. the plugin is very lightweight so that it will not affect the load time of your blog and also help you to improve the performance of your blog.

Now let us get deep in the social warfare plugin and know more about the features.

Social warfare has two versions, one is a free version and other is the pro version. There is no problem in using the free version. The only thing with the free version is that you can only use limited features of social warfare.

The free version is good for people who want to first try the plugin and if it shows positive result then they can confidently go for the pro version to unlock the advanced features and get more positive results.

Social Warfare Pro Benefits

Share count recovery

Ever feel angry about losing all the share count which you have gained by putting a lot of efforts and now you have to start again with the zero. Then these features will definitely help you. Social warfare can restore your share count which will get back your reputation.

Share visibility

Is can be little unprofessional if your blog only has 1 or zero share count which will have an impression on the traffic as you are a newbie. So to get rid of this situation social warfare gives you the option to show the share count only when you feel the share count is enough.

Floating button

Social warfare gives you wide range of customization and one of them is the floating button which will be stick to the screen so that user can always see the share buttons and don’t find it difficult to share. The button has proven that it encourages users to share the content more than the ordinary buttons.

Tweet button for twitter

Social warfare offers a tweet button on every quote from your blog so that people can quickly tweet it on their profile and will make your content go viral.

How to get discount coupons

The pro version is paid which might turn many to not buy it because of its price but now you can buy it without spending much money. you can use the Social Warfare Coupon to get the great discount deal from here.…

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What To Do After Installing WordPress On A Domain Name & Hosting?

After installation of the domain and hosting, you can enable WPX Hosting Free SSL Certificate on your domain for the secure connection. You can set up your blog with following these aspects. Even though, if you are using hosting from any other hosting provider, you can always purchase SSL Certificate and secure your domain name but WPX Hosting is offering Free one with its plans.

Before content creation, you need to do fulfill some essential factors for your WordPress blog.

Add a Contact Form

Contact form should be added in your WordPress blog so that your visitor or any third party can get into touch with you quickly. For contact form, you can install contact form 7 WordPress plugin.

The contact form is the basic requirement for Google Adsense approval too. If you are willing to show contact form within post or pages, you can do with this fantastic WordPress plugin.

Change Site Title, Tagline, and Timezone

As you know, there are some necessary fields which come empty by default, and you should fill them before your website get indexed. You need to change website title, tagline, and timezone.

If you are running a brand, then you can add the logo, your brand slogan in the tagline field. Timezone should be according to your location so that your website can be identified easily.

Setup WordPress SEO

You need to fulfill some basic SEO techniques before content creation. You should install the Yoast SEO plugin which can be helpful for search engine optimization. It auto creates the robot txt file and sitemap page which is very important for indexing of the website.

Install Google Analytics

Google analytics is the product or service by Google which tracks the visitors and source of the traffic. You can install WordPress plugin of Google analytics which will be asked you to add the verification code of Google analytics in your header code after that Google will easily track your all visitors.

It assists you in identifying the visitors efficiently. You’ll be able to know about your website ranking and popularity.

Setup Backups

If you want to keep your data for a long time. If you are targeting a long term blogging niche, then you need to set up your backups for future. In case if you accidentally lost your data, you can quickly restore it from your backup. It is also a basic need for every blogger.

Setup WordPress Security

Many hackers and users are trying to inject files in WordPress blogs. Some of the users try to login to your WordPress blog to access your data so you’ll have to setup WordPress security to protect your blog from the hackers.

Setup Spam Protection

Some of the bloggers use to create spammy backlinks with the websites. You’ll have to protect your WordPress blog from spammers. Akismet is the WordPress plugin which protects yours from the harmful comments. It junks or trashes the comments which harm your blog’s reputation and ranking.

Delete Unused WordPress Themes

Default WordPress installation comprises of themes and plugins which are useful or outdated. You need to uninstall those WordPress themes and plugins from your WordPress blog to retrieve the storage.

Delete Default Content

There are some pages, content, posts, categories, and tags come with default installation to show you the functionalities and sample. You need to delete them because If it indexes. It gives a wrong impression to the users.

Upload Your Gravatar

You can upload the gravatar to your blog. Your visitors will get to know about the author of the blog. It creates interaction between the visitor and, and It looks pro.

Upload Favicon and Site Icon

You should upload your website’s logo, favicon and site icon through which visitors can identify your blog.

Setup Your WordPress Theme

It depends upon the niche; your WordPress theme should be relevant to your niche. You have to set up the best WordPress theme, plugins, and widgets on your WordPress blog.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress is popular because of its plugins because It automates blog and some functionalities. You need to install some WordPress plugins to make your blog more functional. You don’t need to be an expert in coding or programming. WordPress plugins can be installed and managed by even non-technical person.

Here are some plugins you should install in your WordPress:

  • WPForms for contact forms and customs forms.
  • MonsterInsights for visitors and traffic analysis.
  • Yoast SEO for search engine optimization factors.
  • Constant Contact for contact page and forms.
  • WP Rocket for blog boost and cache process.
  • Beaver Builder for drag and drop elements for designing of page and posts.
  • MemberPress for BuddyPress to socialize the blog.
  • CSS Hero for CSS custom designing.
  • SEMRush for keyword research, backlinking strategies, and competitor website.
  • LiveChat for live support and assistance for visitors or customers who come to your blog.
  • Pretty Links Pro for permalinks and anchor text of your blog.
  • Shared Counts for social proof.
  • WP Mail SMTP for mail or contact form.
  • Insert Headers and Footers for widgets.
  • TablePress for the table of content to brief about the article or post.
  • WooCommerce for e-commerce or selling online services on the blog.


As you know, the default WordPress blog is usually empty, and some fundamental factors should be followed after the default WordPress installation.

WPX Hosting Free SSL Certificate should be enabled. With other hosting providers, you’ll need to purchase extra SSL Certificate. Now Contact form should be added in your WordPress blog. Basic SEO techniques should be fulfilled before content creation. Tracking of the visitors and source of the traffic through Google analytics should be enabled.…

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Why Should You Use WPX Hosting For Starting A WordPress Blog?

WPX Hosting is a web hosting service provider. If you want to make your WordPress blog, then you need to choose a fast web hosting service. If you’re a novice in blogging, then you need assistance for managing your web hosting. WPX provides full support to its customer to maintain the website. You need to grab WPX hosting coupon for extra discount.

Here are some functionalities through which you’ll know that Why You Should Use WPX Hosting For Starting A WordPress Blog:

WPX Cloud is the functionality offered by WPX Hosting which allows you to store data to your hosting storage. If you are not willing to run your website on a web hosting or If you are willing to migrate it on another web hosting service, then WPX Hosting allows you for free site migrations. You can easily import or export your data from one host to another.

As you know nowadays, SSL certificate has become a basic need for every blogger or webmaster. There are many types of SSL certificates, If you can afford, then you can buy essential SSL, or you can use free SSL too. WPX Hosting provides SSL certificates to its customers which makes your connection secure, and the best thing is you don’t need to pay additional charges.

Have you ever seen? Some bloggers provided their official email address on contact us page.Like many other web hosting providers, WPX Hosting gives you unlimited email addresses. You can create your custom email address for your website. You’ll be provided mailbox where you’ll get, and you can effectively manage them. Mailbox can also be accessed directly from their login details.

If you have an old Gmail account and you want to get your all emails their then you can add email forwarder, your all emails on your official email will be copied and sent to your Gmail address.

DDoS Protection helps to protect your website. Your website cannot be hacked or harmed. DDoS protection doesn’t allow anyone to inject harmful links or files to your web hosting. It is the most useful functionality which secures you.

I know for blogger his content plays a significant role so for your data you’ll be allowed for manual backups. You can save your data from your web hosting to your local storage. You’ll not be restricted for manual backups. You can keep your data anytime anywhere.

WPX Hosting automates malware scanning & removal. You don’t need to be worried about virus and harmful files now. As you know, many users on the internet are providing cracked themes and plugins which are harmful to your website. WPX scans your web hosting daily and It removes harmful files from your web hosting even It doesn’t allow you to add corrupt data. It scans all the files one by one before uploading process.

The full backup manager will be allotted to you through which you’ll be able to see your backup history. You can manage you all backup through it quickly. You can restore your website through this If you have accidentally lost your data.

Features of WPX Hosting

  • WPX Cloud (Custom Build Content Delivery Network)
  • Free Staging Area
  • Site Migrations
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Email Free DDoS Protection
  • Manual Backups
  • Malware Scanning & Removal
  • Full Backup Manager
  • PHP 7.X
  • HTTP/2 99.95% Uptime Guaranteed
  • 1-Click WordPress Install

Pricing of WPX Hosting

  • Business Plan: WPX Hosting offers the business plan in $20.83 per month if you pay one time. If you want to pay per month in installments, then the price will be $24.99 per month. Your web hosting will allow you to add five domains on your account. In this plan, you’ll be able to setup up to 5 websites. 10 GB storage will be allotted to you for all websites. It will be fixed storage of your this web hosting service plan. 100 GB bandwidth will be provided to you.
  • Professional Plan: WPX Hosting offers Professional plan in $41.58 per month if you pay one time. If you want to pay per month in installments, then the price will be $49.99 per month. Your web hosting will allow you to add 15 domains on your account. In this plan you’ll be able to setup up to 15 websites. 20 GB storage will be allotted to you for all sites. It will be fixed storage of your this web hosting service plan. 200 GB bandwidth will be provided to you.
  • Elite Plan: WPX Hosting offers Elite plan in $83.25 per month if you pay one time. If you want to pay per month in installments, then the price will be $99.99 per month. Your web hosting will allow you to add 35 domains on your account. In this plan, you’ll be able to setup up to 35 websites. 40 GB storage will be allotted to you for all sites. It will be fixed storage of your this web hosting service plan. Unlimited bandwidth will be provided to you.
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